BridgeBox Call Analytics Videos

BridgeBox's deep call analytics improves your business profitability.

Increase Sales, Improve Service and Grow Faster.

Our straight forward, easy to implement and insightful call analytics quickly lifts sales and enhances your customer services. This creates a solid foundation with which you take control of your business growth knowing you'll be maximising the returns from your business development initiatives.

SMEs: Improve collaboration across your business (2.20min)

Hotel 2: BridgeBox analyses over 30 different call criteria (1.03min)

Hotel 1: What impression are you creating? (1.31min)

Hotel 3: BridgeBox makes it easy to improve your operational performance. (1.21min)

In depth Sales and Customer Service performance review over three months.

You’ll see:

  • How many lost sales opportunities there were
  • Individual staff assessment and feedback
  • Business process issues
  • Training requirements
  • Call handling issues (scripted and unscripted)
  • Lost sales opportunities
  • Redundant customer service calls

We then provide an Action Plan for growth giving you peace of mind that insights turn into improvements not idle ideas.