Create rewarding customer experiences and improved business outcomes with inbound call diagnosis and a proven 5 stage process to develop the correct internal staff behaviours


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Our clients typically see a
30% increase
in the first 3 months.
By measuring the lost sales opportunities and customer service level improvements, we can quickly assess the benefits being delivered.

See how your customers and new enquiries are being greeted and how this can be improved.

By extracting useful information from your incoming calls about your staff's call handling and caller engagement, we give you insights that enable you to increase sales and reduce customer service calls.


1 BridgeBox Subscription

2 callaroo
Tracking numbers

3 Customer Experience Manager

4 Coaching Sessions

5 Call QA Analysts

6 Monthly Webinar

7 Business Insights report

8 Call Handling Prompt cards


1 . Call Handling Prompt Cards

Call Handling Prompt cards support the coaching to fascilitate the required behaviour changes.

2 . Business Insights report

Each month we provide an offline report with insights and actions to compliment the online BridgeBox Dashboard for use in meetings, emails and printing for quick access to key findings.

3 . Monthly Webinar

A monthly webinar of your business outcomes and customer experiences reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your business today.

4 . Call QA Analysts

Your Call QA Analysts will ensure your calls are managed professionally. They focus on specific behaviours needed for each call type, whether that's tone of voice, product knowledge, customer satisfaction levels.

5 . Coaching Sessions

Your Coach will coach your staff via live online webinars in how to deliver engaging and rewarding customer experiences on the phone.

6 . Customer Experience Manager

Your Customer Experience Manager has over 10 years experience across a wide range of industries. He can help you define a rewarding customer experience improvements programme for your business.

7 . callaroo Telephone Tracking numbers

callaroo tracking numbers with sophisticated call routing and management features show you the best performing marketing campaigns, help improve your landing page performance and provide statistics on call volumes and durations.

8 . BridgeBox Subscription

BridgeBox Subscription is the online software that provides the all important metrics. As was once said, "What you measure gets done". BridgeBox provides the insights that builds bridges between your staff and your customers


Sophisticated a corporate grade contact centre management platform
Sophisticated telephony with the callaroo tracking numbers
Customer experience manager £30,000
Coach £25,000 Call QA Analysts £21,000
Call Handing Prompts cards £150
Business Insights Report £600
= £100,000
By increasing caller engagement, sales conversions rates and customer service levels by just 30%,
we can raise your revenues by 120%.



Learn About Your 7 Day Trial Below!



Learn About Your 7 Day Trial Below!



Learn About Your 7 Day Trial Below!


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