Supercharge your Sales Team

Ten Ways to Supercharge your Sales Team

Sustain growth, boost revenue and increase market share when you optimise organisational sales performance.

Improve sales performance for enhanced profitability

Increasing sales is fundamental to expanding your business. By paying the same attention to organisational sales performance as you do to improving your products and services you can attract more visitors , whilst enticing past customers, and convert these to generate greater returns, boost business performance and realise substantially elevated revenue figures.

1. Communication is vital

With an effective communication framework in place you can share organisational sales goals throughout all departments of your business to develop a successful sales programme and encourage objective ownership and awareness.

2. Get executive management on board

Getting senior level management to buy into your sales performance strategy is critical to leveraging overall sales and has a significant impact on success, guaranteeing strong sales leadership to ignite your sales strategy.

3. Set the standard for your sales personnel

By identifying what makes top sales people successful you can communicate this throughout your organisation and mimic these behaviours in your sales force for substantial boosts in organisational sales performance.

4. Focus on the sales that generate the most income

Strengthen your sales efforts by placing emphasis on the products or services that deliver the best margins. Maximising income generated in these areas is essential to reducing your cost of sales.

5. Implement training programs to help meet business goals

Making sure that your sales workforce is properly trained is a critical element in helping them effectively execute their function. By furnishing them with the resources they need to do their job, you give them the power to play a major role in the overall sales performance management process.

6. Give your sales staff the motivation to excel

Setting up a sales incentive programme gives your workforce a reason to achieve great things. Rewarding staff for their accomplishments will not only optimise your organisational sales performance but also boost job satisfaction, helping to create a successful and happy team that delivers time and again.

7. Up-selling is crucial for improved sales performance

Encouraging your sales force to up-sell gives them the opportunity to put their skills of persuasion into action, helping them promote additional products or services that benefit or complement the original purchase. Successful up selling will not only help to boost revenues but also help to reduce cost of sales.

8. Tier your customers

Assigning different values to your customers ensures that your best customers get top level treatment, forging long standing positive relationships. It is important to note that this technique, although highly effective when executed properly, must be used with care.

9. Reward your customers

Customer reward techniques can be significantly beneficial to your organisational sales performance . Offering referral bonuses and incentives may well be an extremely simple technique but it can deliver considerable improvements in both customer loyalty and repeat sales..

10. Never underestimate the value of freebies

Offering visitors free trials, test drives and complimentary samples is a sure fire way to attract more prospects. Customers are also more inclined to refer a product or service to others if they have been provided with a free sample that has delivered satisfaction.