Customer Centric Selling

Customer Centric Selling.

Go Niche works with you to help improve your business performance before you invest in further marketing spend. You can then know that you're maximising your returns from your existing spend whilst establishing more ways to increase your staff productivity and improve your business processes. BridgeBox call analysis measures and helps you improve your First Call Resolution (FCR) rate across sales and customers calls. We take this important call centre metric and refine it for your business to provide the insight needed to drive continuous improvement, enhance customer service and employee engagement.

Selling has always been about the customer and addressing their needs with products or services that add value to their organisation and solve a particular problem. But if we're going to create a High Profit Customer Centric Business, then we have to address what this means for the sales team or person. The future of business, of the sales process is going to be about the experience of dealing with your company, of the relationships you're creating with prospects and customers.

There's no hiding now behind a process, product, presentation or someone else's decision. It's that contact that matters, the engagement that took place, the rapport that was established. How knowledgeable and experienced in the ways of your customers' business and industry  are you? How well and quickly did you get to grips with their issues, how well did you help them understand their own issues? So this is not features, benefits, positioning or spin. This is living in the shoes of your customer, getting behind their real need and becoming a trusted partner in their business success or need, not only a supplier.

Features and benefits

  • Improved business processes so your business runs more smoothly
  • Improve staff call handing with training and scripts
  • Improve customer service processes for enhanced reputation and staff productivity; ex. ensuring they have the info needed to hand
  • Improve marketing delivery and marketing processes with Go Niche inbound marketing; starts an inbound marketing engagement
  • Provide online reporting on website and social media traffic
  • Improve website performance with website audit report
  • Improve website performance with an upgrade